Freedom Magazine Our Mission

Freedom seeks out and illuminates solutions to society’s problems.

Freedom addresses issues, not politics.

Freedom uplifts human aspiration. It stands for accurate and accountable reporting and publishes information available in no other publication.

Freedom is the voice of the Church of Scientology.

Freedom recognizes that racism, discrimination, prejudice and intolerance plague society and that individuals value relationships with others, kindness and honesty. The magazine expresses our stand for human rights, openness, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, understanding that responsible journalism and the free flow of information are the lifeblood of all great societies.

When truthful information is corrupted by individuals with partisan agendas, when lies and disparagement thwart the exchange of ideas through media, democracy is endangered. It makes more difficult our task to rid the planet of insanity, war, crime and drug abuse. Thus Freedom has a vital role as a watchdog in keeping the news media honest.

Freedom further spotlights the Church’s human rights, social betterment and volunteer works, thereby advancing its purpose of safeguarding and promoting the rights of all.