Moises Agami

Moises Agami

As a 3-year-old child, Moises Agami remembers having fun on Clearwater Beach. “The beach, the corn dogs, gathering sand dollars, the seagulls and the Fort Harrison,” recalls the Mexican businessman.

His family, all devout Scientologists, have been coming to Clearwater for many years. He still travels regularly between Clearwater and Mexico where he manages several international corporations. “I am an entrepreneur,” says Agami, who has 5,000 employees throughout his various companies. “I took my first company public when I was 24. Since then, I’ve created many businesses from automotive electronics (3,000 employees), personal care (1,000 employees), health clinics, even bottled water. However, since 2008, I have been focused on real estate development.”

He is a major investor in downtown Clearwater—including the former AmSouth Bank building on the corner of Osceola and Cleveland, which was repurposed into The SkyView condominiums. Agami sees much potential in downtown Clearwater. Looking at the city with a bird’s-eye view, he calls the district a “blank slate” on the brink of a renaissance:

“What I like most about Clearwater is obviously Flag! However, it is a very safe city, filled with friendly neighborhoods, it’s calm, peaceful, has good food and I absolutely love its sunsets—best in the world,” he says.

According to his website, Agami’s development company, Valor Capital, was formed by a team of entrepreneurs passionate about creating world-class real estate developments. The company’s principal focus has been Clearwater, Florida, and future areas of interest are the rest of the Gulf Coast, North Carolina and Texas.

Agami says he wants to see a business boom in downtown Clearwater. “I hope to set an example to other entrepreneurs and developers, showing them the tremendous potential Clearwater has and encouraging them to take the leap and invest in Clearwater.”